To look at the world form high above has always been my dream.

Since I remember I was fascinated by flying. Pretty much in aviation in general. Now I don't need to dream anymore.
Pilot for planes, seaplanes and helicopters with Rating on Robinson R44 and Bell 206 JetRanger.
I'm honored and thankful towards my customers and passengers. It's always great to share a part of my fascination and passion with passengers who trust in me and whom I bring always safely to their destination.

When I was 14 - 2001 - I made part of my dream reality by flying the Glider. I was able and allow to fly a Glider years before I was allowed to get my driver's license. In 2005, when I turned 18, I had the big opportunity to help testing Helicopters with accessories. Such as external loads and special equipment. I worked as a flight assistant and a test person at the development and licensing of rescue systems and workbasket/nacelles.
In 2008, after my military service at the German Bundeswehr, at the age of 22, I began my apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanic. Concurrently I have gotten my private pilot license for Planes (PPL-A). During my apprenticeship I was able to fly pretty much every morning as a Co-pilot in a plane which observed the traffic in the city and the German Autobahn around Stuttgart. After my apprenticeship I worked as an aircraft mechanic at an airport.

During this time I also spend my time flying Skydivers around and let them exit the Plane high above the sky.

When I turned 26, in 2012, I started to work at the Airplane hangar of General Aviation. I was a trainee to become a technical pilot. I was able to fly several planes. Such as every single engine Cessna. From the C150 to the P210T, Mooney, Piper and Piper Club (taildragger), Robin, Grob and Beechcraft. As an mechanic I do all oft the maintenance and repair work on the airframe, structure, engines and the flight control myself. I do know my Planes like the back of my hands.

I do like Planes but I love Helicopters. In 2015 I got lucky and got a job offer as an Helicopter mechanic in Switzerland. Concurrently I started my private Helicopter license (PPL-H) at the age of 28. In this time I was able to study the mechanic of Helicopters and evolved my knowgled of the airframe, structure, engines and the flight control of Helicopters.

2018, I just turned 32, I was able to fulfill another dream. I came to Canada, Calgary. At the bottom of the Rocky Mountains I got my CPL-H license. I am very thankful for the opportunity this country has given me. Flying is such a big part of Canada. Now I have fulfilled my dream by flying on such a beautiful landscape and learning each day a bit more about all of it from excellent experts.

On the west coast of Vancouver, I flew the News Helicopter, where I purchased the instrument flight license for multi-engine aircraft. Subsequently flown to North Alberta for oil and gas. There also flew the rescue helicopter as a co-pilot.

With great enthusiasm, I am now flying on the west coast again and am now at home on Vancouver Island and live my dream.